How is AI Supporting Agriculture Sector

AI is helping farmers to adopt to latest market specific solutions for innovation, growth, and impact by improving a wide range of agriculture-related tasks imperative in the food chain

AI also helps in agriculture for optimisation of irrigation and application of pesticides and herbicides

What We Do

rProcess is involved in different annotations activities like:
• Segmentation of Crop & Weeds
• Identifying the fertilised land & quality of Agricultural Parcels from Satellite or drone images using QGIS platform
• Help build autonomous vegetables harvesting robots specifically for greenhouses through labelling and linking services
• Help identify & classify weeds: cleavers, mayweed, groundsel & cranesbill

Types of Annotations

• Semantic Segmentation
• Bounding Box
• Point Annotation

Aquaculture Annotation

We use artificial intelligence (AI) to give actionable insights to optimize the biggest costs on fish farms: from feeding to health.
The breed of fish is called “Salmon”, one of the most expensive breeds and known as a delicacy in most parts of the world.

What We Do

• Monitoring & tracking the amount of feed and waste proportions and entering data that trains
the AI systems to understand the environment in the fish enclosures (Cages).
• Monitoring the amount of feed & if insufficient the farmer will be notified.
• Training the AI to differentiate between Feed & Waste by labelling techniques (frame analysis).
• Various techniques used to observe the movement/activity of fish which indirectly determines their health.

Meat Segmentation

Recognize the defects in the Meat as well annotate the Blood Spot, Extra Skin, Skin Tear