Dynamic pricing, fraud detection, improved product search, and contextual search, commonly referred to as “shop the look” or visual search, are all made possible by AI for e-commerce. You receive the customer behaviour insights you need to enhance the ecommerce experience while rProcess takes care of the data purification, enrichment, and labelling tasks.

What We Do

  • A fully managed workforce with experience labeling 2-D and 3-D images and video data.
  • Expertise in processing unstructured data by web scraping, validating, enriching, and geo-coding.
  • Skill with all major image annotation tools—and the ability to quickly learn your in-house tools.

Data Validation

For the purpose of generating business value for brands and retailers, this retail intelligence gathers and analyses online and in-store price data. The company’s solution for the retail sector mixes data science and human evaluation.

To improve automation, rProcess data analysts cross-check software results with actual data and analyse store photos acquired by undercover consumers.

greater than 97% accuracy and faster than the intended 48-hour turnaround time